The Best Location To Enjoy The Sunrise In West Sumatra

I guarantee there has never been a sunrise photo from this location that was published. In addition to the place that is not as well-known as other mainstream locations, it also takes patience to get this photo. I myself after the 6th day just managed to get this moment. For 6 consecutive days I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning to get to the location of the city of Bukittinggi.

The weather at the beginning of the year was hard to guess, even though in my smartphone installed a weather prediction application. Often weather predictions miss and I have to go home without satisfying results. Thank God, Mario, my cousin is patient enough to guide and drive the vehicle to the location.

New Road to The Location

At this location, the road has just opened and only partially paved. Towards the best spot that can be reached is quite tense because the road has dropped steeply. If I use a car, I don’t dare to go down the road and have to park the car about 300 meters from the picking spot. The best spot is actually not where I take it now. The best spot should be from the top of a hill a few hundred meters in front. But there is still no touch. If it had been touched, the results would have been more fantastic because without obstacles in front.

Cloudy Mountain

The sun rises here at 6:30, the best time to come here is 6:00 must arrive at the location. If the weather is sunny, you can certainly photograph the beauty of the color of the sky at the end before the sun rises. At 6:45, the sun will perch on the shoulders of Mount Talang, which stands proudly in the background. If you are lucky, I guarantee you will enjoy the perfect beauty here.

The Sun is Raising

After being satisfied taking pictures, you can go down to the Nagari Bukit Apit which is filled with rice fields. From there you can choose to continue to Batu Sangkar via Tabek Patah or return to Bukittinggi or to Payakumbuh. There is no doubt It might even be the best in West Sumatra.