The following are the conditions for using the TRAVELER website (https://traveler.id), hereinafter referred to as “Site”. By continuing to access and use the services of this Site, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms of use of this Site. If you are not willing to comply with the terms of use of the service, do not continue to use this Site.

TRAVELER is a website that contains information about tourism. In addition to providing information, this site also provides products that can be purchased by users. To purchase these products, users are required to create an account on this Site.

TRAVELER account
Account creation is done by connecting one of the user’s social media accounts, then users are allowed to connect other users ‘social media accounts with users’ TRAVELER accounts. To enter a TRAVELER account the user does not need a password, just need to click on one of the social media accounts of the users who are already connected. Misuse of a user’s social media account is the full responsibility of the user. In addition, account creation can also be done by filling out the form that we provide where to enter the TRAVELER account the user needs a password that was created by the user.

TRAVELER provides services in the form of information that is as is. That information can be in the form of travel articles, reviews of tourism objects, reviews of products related to tourism. Some of the articles were written by contributors who were given permission by TRAVELER to write articles on this Site.

In addition to information, TRAVELER also provides products that can be purchased by users. The products sold on the TRAVELER Site are the products of TRAVELER partners who have previously been selected for product feasibility. Products purchased on this site will be sent directly by TRAVELER partners and we guarantee the delivery process until it reaches the buyer. Payments for products purchased on this Site are received and managed by TRAVELER through third parties as online payment service providers.

If the products sold on this Site experience problems in terms of product incompatibility with those listed on the product or product pages that do not reach the user due to shipping errors, TRAVELER will guarantee product replacement or refunds made by the user. If other product provisions are stated on the product page, this general provision does not apply.

Thus the conditions for using TRAVELER. This provision may change at any time, it is recommended for users to read this page at any time.