Magical Enchantment of Goedang Ransoem of Chain People

The museum is the least visited place by Indonesians when traveling. Though the museum is a storehouse of history, at least for the area where the museum is located. So many museums are not maintained in this country, but if you come to Sawah Lunto, one of the existing museums, the Goedang Ransoem Museum is a place that you must visit. Formerly this museum was a large public kitchen built by the Dutch colonial to meet the needs of the mine workers. The design is perfect for that time. In Goedang Ransoem there are various rooms and giant cooking utensils specially imported from Europe. There are cauldrons, pans, even large compressors to drain steam into the kitchen. This large kitchen is even equipped with basements, slaughterhouses and burning.

Because there are very few documents about Sawah Lunto, according to the story of a tour guide there in 2005 the documentation was imported from the Netherlands. Certainly the story according to the Dutch version, where it was described as if the miners provided enough food. But actually according to the elders who got stories from their father, things aren’t like that. That the Warehouse Ration is only intended to meet the needs of the Dutch.

As soon as you enter the area, which is now the name of the Goedang Ransoem Museum, a beautiful atmosphere is felt. After entering the main door, you will be asked to fill in the guest book and offered to watch a video summary of the story in a mini home theater room. This home theater room is quite clean and comfortable. After that you can walk around in this not-so-big museum. You can read various documents neatly arranged. Besides that, almost all the equipment used at that time is still there and you can see it here. You are also free to take pictures in the museum which is lit by dim light.

After finishing in the room, you can also walk around the museum complex to browse other buildings that are there. If you want to be satisfied, take between 1 and 2 hours here. The slight drawback that I encountered was the tour guide and receptionist who were rather less passionate about explaining to visitors. Looks a bit like being lazy to tell a visitor.

One of the buildings in this complex turned out to be transformed into a songket woven showroom. So, once here, besides you can find out about the history of mining, you can also see various collections of woven fabrics on display in the window.

The Goedang Ransoem complex besides presenting past history, is also a place where wangsit seekers come. According to tour guides, even they intentionally came here to look for fortune and even looked for agate. For those who like to take pictures, here is one of the best locations in Sawah Lunto. Even if you want to make a prewedding photo, choosing this museum as a location is not wrong. Thankfully, the manager gave as much permission as possible for photo sessions in this complex.