Don’t Say You Have Been Already to West Sumatra If You Haven’t Been Here

You must be wrong if you assume West Sumatra is just the city of Padang or the city of Bukittinggi only. West Sumatra is so diverse, not only beaches or mountains. Many other destinations each have their own uniqueness, one of which is Sawah Lunto which is famous as the Country of Chain People. This small town like a large cauldron is only 3 hours drive from the city of Padang, the capital of the province of West Sumatra. Even if you go directly to Sawah Lunto from the Minangkabau airport, you will have no trouble finding transportation to get there. For 3 hours the trip is guaranteed not to make you bored. Fantastic natural scenery will accompany your trip.

In colonial times, actually Sawah Lunto was a coal mining area built by the Dutch colonial. In this city the forerunner to the history of Indonesian mining began. There are so many Dutch relics here that mark this city as a mining city. Fortunately, almost all relics, both mine equipment buildings are still neatly maintained. The population is not merely the original Minang people, they are multi race because their grandparents were brought in from various parts of Indonesia at that time. Generally they are inmates, because that is why the Country of Chain People is attached to this small city. No wonder many of them only have 1/4 Minang blood.

If you have been to Sawah Lunto 10 years ago, surely you will feel a big difference with now. In the past, it was said that this city was a dead city. Now, just one word to explain it: “Awesome”. Apparently for the past 10 years, Sawah Lunto was fortunate to have a broad-minded mayor. The mayor conjured up Sawah Lunto to be a clean, lively and attractive city.

Most Dutch heritage buildings are now used as museums that can be visited by everyone. The museums are neatly arranged and clean. There is the Goedang Ransoem museum, which is a large kitchen for mine workers in those days. The Railway Museum, where you can find out the history of trains for the transportation of coal. There is a cultural center building and others.

Visiting Sawah Lunto is not enough for a day, at least you have to stay 3 days there. Don’t worry, cheap hotels and inns are many and easy to find. Throughout the year, various events are held in this city to make visitors unable to forget this city. If you like photography, this city is also one of the cities. Not only for photographing old buildings or beautiful nature, but for shooting locations prewedding, families, even for commercial shooting locations.